On & Off Paper: Why We’re the Better GESC

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Firm Spotlight

“Anyone can do the work; we do it with empathy.” Says Mark Workman, Business Development Principal. Now, Mark might be exaggerating, because not just anyone can start a Guaranteed Energy Savings Company (GESC). The fact that Ascendant Facility Partners is founded by 5 individuals with decades of experience in the engineering, energy upgrade, and construction industries can attest to that.

However, there is truth to Mark’s statement. If you have the tools, and you follow the rule book, guaranteed energy savings is a paint-by-numbers process. You use established methods to improve or overhaul the efficiency of a facility and the rest falls into place. There would be no guarantee in GESC unless the job was a sure thing.

So, Mark touches upon what makes Ascendant unique. He’s not looking for something that looks good on paper; most GESCs do. Instead, he wants to create something that goes above and beyond; something that matters. He wants to take you away from the page.

“We want to have an intimate understanding of our clients’ current facilities and long-term needs. Then we will develop a unique set of ECM’s that is specifically aligned to support our client’s mission.”

Energy Savings: The Means to the End

J.P. Kelly, Construction Principal, is not new to this industry. He’s been working with engineers, end users, and construction teams for decades. He’s a doer; the guy that literally breaks ground on a project. He helped found our GESC because it’s a passion. “I’m here to fix problems for you. Yet, I want us to sit down and discuss your long-term goals, too. Ascendant Facility Partners was started to develop holistic approaches to streamlining facility energy use. Fixing problems is the easy part; how do you think of problems differently and turn them into solutions all their own?”

J.P. is right; it’s the teach a man to fish argument, just on a grander scale. We’re not here to just provide you what you want; we’re here to show you how to achieve the facility-wide success that will continue to benefit you decades later. That’s the future we want to be part of.

“Energy savings is the means to the end.” J.P. continues. “Through operational savings, we want you to have the money to do more profound things to your facility; allowing you to focus on your calling, your mission, and that benefits the entire community.”

We Want You to Do More with Your Operational Budget

Baccus Oliver, Design Principal, loves to problem solve. That’s what drew him to engineering in the first place. To him, a GESC can help solve global problems by rethinking the global energy market. As alternative forms of energy become more robust, and the systems that need that energy become more efficient, Baccus sees an opportunity for facilities to do more while using less.

“In our research into GESCs, we see that much of our competition is very cut-and-dry when it comes to energy efficiency and savings. They’re all about the bottom line, which in turn simply kicks the can further down the road. What we want to do at Ascendant is solve these problems while making a facility more profitable. Even with this more holistic approach to a facility’s energy use, the operational savings are substantial and immediate.”

Is that a harder route to take? Of course it is, but it’s our passion.

We Value Education & Advocacy

Russ Litsinger, Managing Principal, is a man that values relationships. He knows that, if everyone is feeling tuned in and connected, that profit comes standard. “I would even say that Ascendant is driven more by how it can improve the lives of our clients than by its revenue; much more. We are much more invested in how we can support the master plans of our client’s facilities. We know if we do that well, and do it with graciousness and hospitality, that everyone involved will get what they want.”

Russ brings up one such example. “Lighting, for instance, is something that benefits people first but turns a profit almost as a byproduct. When you invest in high-quality lighting you invest in the well-being of your employees, tenants, and/or customers. It just so happens that modern, high-efficiency lighting systems come with a substantially lower operating cost. This is a simple example, but one that I think illustrates how a holistic approach is better for everyone, even the people signing the checks.”

He also emphasizes the two components of our work as a GESC that he feels most passionate about. “I think education and advocacy are the real investments our clients are making when they work with us. Our profits on many of these ventures don’t even come until later; we’re entering this business to cultivate long-term value. Part of that value is in the education of our long-term relationships. Our emphasis is on continuous improvement and collaboration. We’re here to take a multi-discipline solution that allows us to take advantage of synergies and efficiencies that emerge as a result of early close collaboration between design, construction and finance disciplines.”

We’ll Teach You to Fish

Energy efficiency can be a cookie-cutter, paint-by-numbers affair. If all you’re looking for is a checklist and your annual reconciliation report to shove into a filing cabinet, then, by all means, look elsewhere for a GESC.

David Belt, Finance Principal, has seen what the one and done approach does for both the GESCO and the customer; very little in the grand scheme and that is why he takes a different approach. “We are built to help you find opportunities and leverage them into long-term, sustainable solutions that pay dividends. The truth is, many facilities don’t have a deep understanding of their operating budget or even finance. We want you to see the light; to understand that there is a thoughtful, intentional way to run a facility that makes money. Through our efficiency solutions, you can greatly reduce your operating costs, and invest those savings into more profound upgrades to your facility.”

So sure, hire that other GESC that might look good on paper; we can all save you some money and catch you some fish. However, if you’re ready to see different solutions uniquely fitted for each client and are guided by a desire to further your strategic mission and improve your facilities all while not negatively impacting your operational budget, then we will hand you the rod once you’re ready.

Ascendant Facility Partners is a Guaranteed Energy Savings Company (GESC) headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky. Reach out to us today to discuss an all-inclusive energy savings plan for your facility.